Serramenti Brombal

OS2 is a Thermal-break system for making extremely sturdy and long-lasting doors and windows in superior materials (Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel, Cor-Ten Steel, and Bronzofinestra) with a visible slender section (46 mm), which meet the requirements for architectural integration in restoration and repair work as well as the severe requirements for energy saving and sound insulation.


Data Sheet


  • Thermal break: for high insulation performance
  • 46 - 64 mm: very slender sections
  • Solidity: advanced technology for superior materials
  • Certificated performance: open joint with decompression chamber

Guaranteed performance

  • Air, wind and water - the system for windows with weep and central gasket allows maximum performance values.
  • the use of approved fittings and the structural strength of the sections and joints ensure perfect operation for the whole envisaged lifecycle of scheduled use (opening/closing, torsional stress and yield).
  • Sound insulation - the presence of seals and rebate gaskets plus the possibility of fitting very thick glass allow the design acoustic values to be achieved.
  • Thermal insulation - the special system for joining the steel shells without any thermal bridges results in heat transmission rates or U-values of up to 1.4 W/m2k