Serramenti Brombal
Fuoco E30 / EW60 /EW90

The new fire safety concept based on fire engineering, in which the project engineer calculates the “specific fire curve” and envisages the fire ignition scenario, will in many cases encourage the use of classes E and EW, which can offer perfectly adequate technical safety at moderate cost.

The Fuoco products EW60 and EW90 can be recommended, for example, in cases where no contact is envisaged between the window/door and flammable materials or where the escape routes are particularly wide.

Fuoco E30 / EW60 /EW90 provides the designer with all the products necessary for designing a complete building, including the plan of fire doors made up of different classes yet alike in terms of aesthetics and architecture.


Data Sheet

Legenda for fire-resistance classification

E = Sealing (Door or window capable of not letting in hot fumes or flames)

W = Irradiation (Door or window capable of retaining irradiation 1 metre far from the non-exposed side)

n = Time (Minutes the property remains unchanged)


With Fuoco E30 / EW60 /EW90 sections, the designer can:

- choose windows and doors in superior metals such as Steel, Stainless Steel and Cor-Ten Steel;

- install fire doors that are aesthetically in harmony with the others;

- design very large frames made with slender, attractive yet high-performance sections;

 - conceive different shapes yet made in the same way;

- specify colours and imagine elegance