Serramenti Brombal

In-depth study of fire simulations with ensuing use of different class windows and doors allows designers to conceive lighter and more attractive architectural solutions, while complying with safety standards.
Fuoco EI30 is fully recommended when the fire-engineering project requires a good seal and insulation: also the fire doors can be consistent with all the other windows and doors in the building, aesthetically in harmony with the spaces and made with materials that the designer considers innovative and attractive.


Data Sheet

Legenda for fire-resistance classification

E = Sealing (Door or window capable of not letting in hot fumes or flames)

I = Insulation (Door or window capable of retaining temperature on the opposite side of fire)

n = Time (Minutes the property remains unchanged)


With Fuoco EI30 the Designer can:

- choose windows and doors in superior metals such as Steel, Stainless Steel and Cor-Ten Steel;

- envision windows and doors that are made on the inside with one type of metal and on the outside with another;

- install fire doors that are aesthetically in harmony with the others;
- design very large frames made with slender, attractive yet high-performance sections;

- conceive different shapes yet made in the same way;

- specify colours and imagine elegance.