Serramenti Brombal

Security is an integrated system of sections, fittings and gaskets; the sections of 60 and 68.5 mm with no thermal break are suitable for making windows and doors with sliding, rectangular, shaped or arched frames with outside dimensions up to 81 mm.

The metal sections making up the system are 2 mm thick and are obtained by the cold rolling of steel strips hot-dip galvanised by the "Sendzimir System" with 275g/sq.m zinc coating on each side and then chromated; they are closed by high-frequency seam welding and the end product quality is to UNI EN 10142/3/7.

The tightness of the frames is guaranteed by a flush frame and double gasket system for the doors and by a weep and central gasket system for the windows.

Every type of opening is possible with the relative integral fittings.


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  • Thickness of steel 20/10, which together with the special configuration of the section ensure resistance to extreme stress
  • Slender sections yet able to guarantee maximum structural performance to make more elegant and bright frames
  • Integrated system of sections, fittings and glazing gaskets/seals for making every type of window or door
  • Reduced surface area of section compared to overall surface area of the window/door, ensuring a low u-value of the finished product
  • Satisfies all aesthetic requirements, since the final coating can be in any ral colour
  • Possibility of reinforcing the window/door frames according to end customer requirements
  • Possibility of reinforcing the window/door frames according to end customer requirements
  • Possibility of making regular arched shapes or to customer template
  • Reduced assembly times and simple application of fittings
  • System in conformity with CE marking

    Guaranteed performance

    • Air, wind and water - the system for windows with weep and central gasket allows maximum performance values to be achieved.
    • Strength and durability - the use of approved fittings and the structural strength of the sections and joints ensure perfect operation for the whole envisaged lifecycle of scheduled use (opening/closing, torsional stress and yield).
    • Bullet resistance - the specific configuration of the internal chambers allows ballistic steel sheets to be inserted, which, depending on their thickness, allows the highest ballistic resistance to be achieved to standard EN 1522.
    • Burglar resistance - thanks to the structurally sturdier frame, a simple change of hardware allows the system to meet all values of burglar resistance required by ENV 1627.