Serramenti Brombal

Termica is a thermal-break curtain wall system in the materials and thickness envisaged, having mullions and transoms with visible sections of 50 mm and depth 50, 80 and 100 mm.
Watertightness is ensured internally by a system of internal EPDM gaskets housed on sections made with weep channels for draining off any infiltration.
Glazing or panels are inserted from the front and fastened to the sections by a pre-perforated metal gasket clip.
The finishing trims are snapped onto the external clip.
The system allows operable sashes to be inserted of the types offered in the SistemAcciaio, stainless steel SistemAcciaio and Bronzofinestra and thermal-break EBE ranges


Data Sheet


  • Minimum visible structure thanks to the high modulus of elasticity of the material
  • A product for all seasons: resistant to heat, water, cold and wind, low thermal expansion
  • Assembly and installation quicker and easier thanks to the 90 cut of the sections and the special u-bolts to join mullions and transoms
  • System that may be used on any supporting structure
  • Exclusive Secco Sistemi 12-stage paintwork for customising structures, mullions and transoms with various types of finishes
  • Possibility of using different materials: Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel, Cor-Ten and Bronzofinestra for mullions,transoms and cladding
  • Mechanical assembly without visible welds and pre-finished sections protected by tear-off film
  • System made with essentially ecological natural material, 100% recyclable without limit
  • System in conformity with CE marking

Guaranteed Performance

  • Air, wind and water - the system of gaskets combined with the particular cross section of the metal sections ensure maximum performance.
  • Strength and durability - the use of approved fittings and the structural strength of the sections and joints ensure perfect operation for the whole envisaged lifecycle of scheduled use.
  • Sound insulation - the presence of glazing seals and gaskets around the whole edge plus the possibility of fitting very thick glass allow the design acoustic values to be achieved.
  • Thermal insulation - the special system for joining the steel shells without any thermal bridges allows heat transmission rates or U-values of up to 1.2 W/m2k to be achieved, depending on the glazing.