Serramenti Brombal
Metallo Legno

Metallo Legno is the exclusive integrated system of sections, gaskets and fittings that allows the insulating properties and the elegance of wood to be combined with the strength and durability of superior metals: painted steel, stainless steel, Cor-Ten steel and bronze.

All this gives designers the utmost freedom in choosing frames suitable for the specific environment, without being restricted either by the interior decorations or by the external structure and therefore ensuring maximum customization


Data Sheet


  • Integrated system of sections, fittings, gaskets-seals for making steel-metal thermal-break windows and doors.
  • Utmost design freedom thanks to the possibility of making frames in metal-wood of all types: steel, stainless steel, cor-ten steel, bronze combined with various types of fine woods.
  • Possibility of making the frame burglar resistant through the application of special hardware on the steel section.
  • Slender sections able to guarantee maximum structural performance for making increasingly more elegant and bright windows and doors.
  • Possibility of replacing the wood cladding without removing the whole frame.
  • Very high levels of heat and sound insulation and of performance with application of the SeccoEbe technology.
  • Possibility of customizing the internal cladding with various types of wood species, styles and finishes to blend in with the interior decoration.
  • Absolute certainty of duration and low maintenance costs because of the exterior in metal, which ensures total weathering resistance.

Guaranteed performance

  • Air, wind and water - the system for windows with weep and central gasket allows maximum performance values to be achieved up to class E1050 (1050 Pascal of pressure).
  • Strength and durability - the use of approved fittings and the structural strength of the sections and joints ensure perfect operation for the whole envisaged lifecycle of scheduled use (opening/closing, torsional stress and yield).
  • Sound insulation - the presence of seals and rebate gaskets plus the possibility of fitting very thick glass allow the design acoustic values to be achieved.
  • Thermal insulation - the special system for joining the steel shells without any thermal bridges results in heat transmission rates or U-values of up to 1.4 W/m2k.
  • Burglar resistance - thanks to the structurally sturdier frame, a simple change of hardware allows the system to meet all values of burglar resistance required by ENV 1627.